So around November a friend gave me a deer carcass for a project I’m in the process of cultivating. I left it hang in a tree over winter to dry out. Today, I went to take it down…but to my surprise, I found new life forming in the heart of death. 


did someone say your dreams
would be achieved if you prayed?


designed-for-life:Backyard pool built into the existing limestone quarry. Love it!


I don’t know what happened but I was following some of you AND NOW I’M NOT okay yeah so let me get that fixed and huh… back to regular programming soon.

If it’s darkness we’re having,
let it be extravagant.

-- Jane Kenyon. (via lastisle)


An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2014


I wonder… what we should have done. Like the nursery rhyme, we were ‘capable of playing only one song.’ But if… if we had been born in another country… our selves… our bodies… wouldn’t have been like this.


Oficial Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Character designs!